Fire Alarm Systems

Protecting Your Business, Your Life

Every year in the United States, fires cause approximately $11 billion in property damage and take thousands of lives. Installing and maintaining a fire alarm system is a necessary precaution to keep your business safe.

Juggling all of the different fire safety regulations can be daunting.  The State of South Carolina adheres to policies from the International Code Council, the National Fire Prevention Association, and the Office of State Fire Marshall.  After a fire in a Charleston sofa store killed 9 firefighters in 2007, the National Institute of Standards and Technology recommended changes to make fire codes and building standards even stricter.  Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that your building is up to code, not only for legal reasons, but to keep your business safe.

The primary function of a fire alarm system is to warn the occupants of a fire.  Smoke detectors greatly increase your odds of surviving a residential fire, and likewise large commercial buildings should use a system of alarm bells and flashing lights to help everyone evacuate properly.  The secondary function is to help put out the fire.  This can include fire extinguishers, automatic sprinkler systems, and tools which automatically contact emergency responders.  State law certifies that fire sprinkler contractors are “properly licensed and qualified to engage in the planning, sale, installation, repair, alteration, addition, maintenance, testing, or inspection of these systems.”

Fire alarm systems save money, save lives, and provide peace of mind.

 How We Can Help

NextGen Technologies, Inc. designs, installs, and commissions medium to large scale fire alarm systems and mass notification systems, ranging from basic conventional systems to the most sophisticated intelligent multiplex network systems. Irrespective of the type and complexity of the system, our design criteria are based on international codes and standards like NFPA72 and local fire codes. All work is done “in-house” with our own NICET Certified Planners, Auto-Cad Department, and factory trained and certified installation and service crews. We have a range of experience with projects from single buildings to entire campuses. Systems can be networked for alternate control or central monitoring.

NextGen Technologies, Inc.
supports a wide range of fire detection and control equipment, including conventional and analog addressable systems, algorithm-based multi-sensor intelligent addressable fire detectors, and VESDA aspirating high sensitivity smoke detectors. These can be implemented as standalone systems serving specific fire detection and protection purposes, as well as being integrated into larger fire, security and building automation systems.

NextGen Technologies, Inc. uses only the highest quality, proven and tested products with UL, ULC, LPC or similar internationally recognized certification, from the leading fire detection, control, and protection equipment manufacturers in the world.

We have experience in military, industrial, commercial, and institutional applications.

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