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The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that dishonest employees cost world businesses $3.5 trillion each year. What is your company doing to prevent employee fraud and theft?
The average employee fraud lasts eighteen months before being discovered, and drains $120,000 or more from the company. About a quarter of these employees are simply grabbing cash or goods and walking out the door. Others steal blank checks or confidential files. Don’t let that happen at your company.
Investing in access controls can stop these problems. Kevin Terrill at explains that limiting employees’ access to certain areas with locks or a key card system can dramatically cut losses by preventing opportunities for theft. Also, if an employee does steal, a key card system with built-in tracking can narrow the list of suspects, making it easier for your company to pursue legal action and retrieve its money.

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The NextGen Advantage features a highly-trained workforce that is second to none. All technicians are professionally trained in their specialties, and because we seldom use subcontractors, you can be sure our systems maintain the highest standards for integrity and quality. In addition, we install comprehensive systems that meet fundamental needs, but offer incredible versatility and customization. The result, our customers receive the features they expect, plus the kind of capabilities they have dreamed about in a professional security system.

Finally, NextGen’s UL-listed monitoring and response systems provide the unyielding emergency response capabilities of an industry leader. Service options that seamlessly blend with your operations. NextGen’s programs can be modified to meet your operating characteristics.

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NextGen’s unparalleled installation expertise and customer service excellence has resulted in security system designs that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations, and maintain their satisfaction.

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